Best brownies ever

I found this brownie recipe a couple years ago and haven’t used another recipe since. It’s easy and delicious.

It’s one of the few recipes I follow exactly. Although this time my niece helped me and preferred no nuts so nuts on top of half and extra chocolate chips on half.


Oh my goodness these looks SO GOOD!

I have all those ingredients in the house! Except the chocolate bar, I do have baker’s chocolate though… I am going to try it. If it’s not sweet enough, we’ll make some chocolate sauce to put over it. Yay! Thanks for sharing!

Oh yum!!! I need a good brownie recipe in my life. I’m with your niece though, no nuts for me!

I love a good brownie recipe. Thanks for sharing!

And now I need brownies!

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Haha! 2pm!!

I need structure! So I scheduled brownie baking in between meetings :sweat_smile:

I need structure, too. Obviously I’ve been scheduling the wrong things!

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oh no…this is what I have in my cupboard…can I mix them and how much? The recipe calls for 70%… :pensive:

Try 2.25 oz of the 60% and .75 oz of the 100%

But it probably doesn’t need to be exact. So you could probably do 2 oz of 60% and 1 oz of 100%

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