Best buddies hearts

Here are a few hearts I painted for the Galentines swap. I didn’t get a picture of one of them but here are the rest.

  1. Clueless

  2. Step Brothers - I didn’t take a picture of this fully finished so their features aren’t done on this one :rofl:

  3. Beavis and Butthead

  4. Star Wars

  5. Tommy Boy


What a great theme and great choices!


These are all fantastic! I squealed like a teenager when I opened mine. :heart_eyes:


Thank you both! And I’m so happy you loved yours @wittychild :blush:


What a cool theme for your GALentine extras! Love your little paintings.

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I can help you with the pic of Step-Brothers! It’s right here with me at my desk at work. LOL! I love it SO MUCH! I seriously quote this movie way too much. So much that I don’t even realize it sometimes. I absolutely love these!

What was the last one that you did?


Such iconic duos!!! You did an awesome job capturing them on such a small scale. I continue to be impressed by your skills!

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I love these! Plus Tommy and Richard now live on my fridge! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::heart:

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Hahahahahah!!! I’m so glad you love it. It’s such a quotable movie :rofl: I just kept shaking my head and laughing while working on this. Thank you for posting.

The last one I did was the one from the movie Big.


Thank you! They’re so fun to make. And my partners picked some really good duos.

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Lol! I showed my mom because it’s one of her favorite movies and she was trying to keep it lol. And happy it has a home on your refrigerator.


It’s one of my favorite movies, too!

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I’ll photograph the one you made me from the movie Big and add it too! I will get a photo tonight. :slight_smile:


These are incredible. You captured all the tiny details perfectly. And how fun are your duos?!

Mine is up on my locker at work for all to see. :blush:

I am loving all of these you are making!

Here is the awesome heart I received. It’s the characters from the movie Big! It’s so amazing!

Sorry I forgot to take a photo earlier. I was just admiring it on my fridge and it jogged my memory!