Best Kind of Weird - Trophy Ribbon

Inspired by the work of @Abbeeroad, I started this trophy ribbon as a gift for my boss for Boss’ Day last week and decided that he might prefer something framed instead, so I decided to rework it into a trophy ribbon for “Best Kind of Weird” for my work bff. She has usernames with cuke and pickle in their names, so I figured the pickle on top was perfect for her and just the right amount of weird.

I added a magnet to the back and plan on sticking it up in her office next time I’m there!


OMG I LOVE IT! So cool and quirky and weird…in the best way! :laughing: Sure to be well received.

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This is totes the best kind of weird! LOVE IT!

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This is awesome.

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This is the coolest!

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I love this! The pickle is hilarious and it is executed perfectly. I know she will find it hilarious!

Epic! Love it!

That is great!

I love this! That pickle is fantastic and the color contrasts are really great. Well done! I bet she loved it. :grinning:

FABULOUS. I love it.