Best tape for fabric? And how to tether thread?

I’m hoping someone on Lettuce Craft can help me. I volunteer at my local creative-reuse store, and have recently been assigned to the sewing section.

I’ve seen some stores like this that package their fabrics in neat little rolls, like they do with remnants at fabric/craft stores.

Does anyone know of a tape that could be used to secure the rolls? I feel like Hancock’s Fabrics used to have a narrow yellow tape that stuck well to fabric but did not seem to leave a residue behind.

Second question is how to secure loose spools of thread? (Picture below is my own thread, not the store’s bins. Just wanted to have a picture on this topic!)

The store’s threads are sorted by color into bins, and the bins rapidly become tangled nests of thread, no matter how you try to secure the spools. We don’t want to bag each spool individually; the threads are much more attractive-looking when they are not bagged, which entices more buyers. Any ideas?

Also, if you have any general suggestions for our sewing section from having shopped at other creative-reuse stores, I’d love to hear them.

Thanks so much, crafty friends!

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how about rubber bands for both fabric and thread?

blue painter’s tape doesn’t leave a residue, but a paper strip could be secured with any kind of tape. A nearby thrift store uses bits of ribbon, string, raffia, and embroidery floss to tie their fabrics, depending on what they’ve got a lot of.


My thread was a mess, I used clear gift wrap tape. Did not leave any residue. How about large safety pins or clothes pins for the fabric?


Great ideas, thank you!

I think I’m going to try to use some kind of tape for the fabric rolls, @steiconi. I’m allergic to latex, so rubber bands are unfortunately out. And ribbons sound super cute, but I think they are wanting to sell ribbons separately. Paper strips or painter’s tape definitely might work; I’m going to play with those ideas, thanks!

@SillySlippers, I did try gift-wrap tape on some of the thread spools yesterday, so that might work. Fingers crossed! Will have to wait and see how it holds up after a lot of people go through the bins and stir everything up. Thanks for letting me know it doesn’t make the thread sticky; I was worried about that. Good ideas about the safety pins and clothespins for fastening the fabric. I’m not sure we have them in enough quantity, but I’ll check. (We have SOOO many pieces of fabric!)


I recently used PVC to mark a ‘keep behind’ line on the kitchen bench. It has no residue and sticks to itself and other smooth surfaces. The solid colour might not be what you want when showing off pretty thread and fabric. (I assume it would come in other than yellow.)


Thanks for the input! I’ll look into that type of tape.

I’ve seen a lot of fabric rolls contained with basic masking tape (not the blue) or freezer tape. I imagine a small piece would also work with the threads. I do think that any tape that is going to stay stuck is eventually going to leave residue, but if you’re moving the product within a few months, then it would likely not be an issue.


This might be bonkers but do they have a shrink wrap available? You could shrink wrap the rolls.

Also to organize, I’ve seen people use those toe separators for pedicures.

I personally keep my spools in little plastic bags with their wound bobbins.

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Thanks, @TheMistressT. I think I’m going to have to put on my craft-scientist hat and try a bunch of different tapes on fabrics here at home. Some of the items turn over quickly, but some may stick around for a long time, so the residue is a big concern.

You have some great out-of-the-box ideas, @Animegirlie! Shrink wrap sounds intriguing. Off to do a bit of googling…

saran wrap/cling film could work, but I always get it tangled up. Cutting it into narrow strips would be a nuisance, but if you had a system… or maybe it’s available like tape.

How to Shrink Wrap: 11 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow = the basics