Best way to fussy cut multiple 5" squares?

I plan on making some I-spy quilts using a simple pattern that is perfect for 5" charms. The only thing is, I’ve bought a lot of fat quarters, which I need to cut down into the 5" squares. I want to showcase the design and will therefore be fussy cutting the squares. I know I can put a 5" ruler template down on my fabric and cut around it, but I’m wondering if there is an easier way.

I’ve looked into fabric cutting systems, but I’m not really seeing any that offer 5" square dies that would work for fussy cutting. The one that accuquilt has is basically a 10" rectangle cut in half. Is there an easier/quicker way to cut multiple squares out at a time, while still being able to fussy cut?

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In one of the quilt swaps, one of the swappers wanted to make a postcard quilt…it involved fussy cutting a whole lot of fabrics…I loved the project but felt like it took a whole lot of time and wasted a whole lot of fabric…I would also be interested in seeing if there are other ways, but my head can’t wrap around how that could be


I think you’re going to have a cut each one individually if you want them fussy cut.

I made an I-spy quilt a few years back with various child themed fabrics, layered a number of them together before cutting and when I was finished sewing the top, I sat and looked a long time, making a list of items to find. It worked well.


I appreciate you are looking to optimize this, but I agree - individual is best. you don’t want to short-cut yourself into wasting more fabric. Fussy cutting leaves a lot of scraps.

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Thank you all for the responses, I appreciate everyone’s input! Looks like I’ll be doing a lot of individual fussy cutting while listening to books :blush:. I’ll let you guys know if I discover a cutting system that optimizes such cuts!

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