Best way to paint on acrylic eye glasses?

I have a few pairs of cheap acrylic prescription eyeglasses and I wanted to spruce them up a bit with paint.
For example:
I figure I will have to do some sanding first, but what type of paint would be best? I’d like to use acrylic since I have so much, should I prime first? What would be safe enough THAT close to my eyes? Can I even seal it? What is the safest sealer? Maybe my acrylic enamel craft paints?

Hers doesnt look sealed, but I think you should. Acrylic will flake off like think fingernail polish. And def sand! Otherwise your painting on a slick surface. It needs something to stick to.

Good luck! Can’t wait to see them!

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As long as you let the paint dry before wearing the glasses, I wouldn’t worry about safety. If you’re smell/chemical sensitive, you could look into food-grade sealers, but it’s such a small area you’re covering that it’s unlikely to be an issue.


Following because, while I don’t need to decorate my glasses, the white arms of my glasses turned blue from when I dyed my hair and it’d be nice to get them white again. :grimacing:

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I think there’s a video for this:


Heck yea, I’ll check it out!

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What a great idea! I watched the video, and the paint bottles reminded me of nail polish. I have a bunch of colors of that (and none of whatever she used), so I tarted up an ugly pair of black dollar store readers.

I didn’t sand first, just started splashing on color. I have faith in the stick to itiveness of nail polish; it’s held up well on my rug :crazy_face:

They would look better if I’d started with a pair similar to my final color; these have a tiny rim of black around the lenses. I did get a little on the lenses, but it wiped right off.
They’re a bit stinky, I’ll let them dry for a day or two before wearing.

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