Best Yarn for a Scarf

I want to make some scarves for Christmas presents. They will be made on a loom. I have no idea what yarn would be the best. Any thoughts? I definitely want something soft. Not too chunky.


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What kind of loom do you have? Is it a knitting loom or a weaving loom? Can we see? :grin: The preferred weight of yarn will depend on how narrow the spaces are in your loom between stitches/pegs (for knitting) or warp threads (for weaving). And if you’re weaving, you might want different yarn than if loom knitting.
If the recipients are good about garment care, you have more options. If they’re likely to throw the scarf in the washing machine with general loads, you’ll want an acrylic that doesn’t have loose, fluffy fiber, or a superwash wool.
That’s my initial take on it, but others will have a lot more insight!


It’s a crappy cheap knitting loom. The plastic kind, like a knifty knitter. Like this:

I am thinking an everyday kind of scarf. One that they can beat up, and if need be, throw it in the washing machine if they spill coffee on it.

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I’d go with acrylic then as it can be washed and dried with no worries about shrinkage. I really like Caron Simply Soft for its drape. Bernat has a few yarns that also drape well, but I can’t remember which ones off the top of my head. Red Heart Super Saver is a bit stiffer, so therefore doesn’t drape as well


I’d definitely use a soft acrylic yarn for these so they’ll be more durable and washable. Bernat Softee Chunky might be a good solution since you’ll want a thicker yarn. With the looms I have, you have to double or triple up a thinner, standard weight worsted yarn to avoid holes and get a solid fabric. Lion Brand Hometown USA is a good weight, but when I used it, the yarn pills and frays a bit.


There are a bunch of really soft superwash wools out there. Malabrigo Rios comes to mind, and it comes in a bunch of amazing colors. I have several scarves made with it, and it does not make me itch. However, many people think wool is always itchy. Higher quality wools are good stuff, but they can be expensive. You also never know who does have a wool allergy.

In that case, acrylic yarns are awesome, and easy to care for. Acrylic has come a long ways over the past few years, and is no longer the icky, plastic, scratchy crap, it used to be. If a ball or skein of acrylic feels gross on your hands, it’s probably going to be feel just as bad on the back of the neck. Some of the singly ply acrylics feel silky smooth, but I also question how well they’ll wear. They can become a pilly mess. If you ever have any doubts about the itchiness of a yarn or how well it wears, make a small bracelet or necklace with it, and wear it for a few days. If it causes irritation, then don’t use it for scarves. If it pills like crazy, use it for something else.

I’d suggest using a worsted or aran weight yarn. Maybe even chunky weight, if you need something a bit thicker. Some of the Lion Brand or Caron yarns are decent. Although to be honest, I highly recommend going to a store to feel the balls yourself, to truly get an idea on how soft the yarn is. You can also read yarn reviews on Ravelry.


Thanks! Yeah, with Covid I am not going into any stores right now.

Oh, good idea about the yarn reviews! Thanks!

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