Big Ol' ATC Post

I’ve been remiss about posting a lot of my recent(ish) ATCs, especially from the Ongoing ATC Swap. So buckle up :laughing: .

A non-sequitur mashup inspired by @irid3sc3nt’s Pinterest:

A monster dating site profile, also for irid3sc3nt based on her “monster love, always so hard to find” theme:

Also also for irid3sc3nt and her “the ghost that walks, she’s on the prowl” theme:

This was a twofer for @thanate. It’s a map of my elementary school playground (as it exists in my memory, at least). The cards can stand alone, but if you line them up it provides a complete map:

And an Angela Lansbury tribute project:

For non-Murder, She Wrote fans, The Corpse Danced at Midnight was the title of Jessica Fletcher’s first novel.

Thanks for looking!


They are all so cool! Love the monster especially.

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The monster dating profile one cracks me up!

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YES! I love my ATCs! Not mentioned in the post are the envelopes and cards with fun stamps that the ATCs arrived in.

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The pizza! Looks like a neon sign and love the lettering.

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Oh, you have been busy. Such variety and such fun themes!

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Thanks, everyone!

Thank you for saying that, because this was the reference image:


Nailed it!


I really like how you used a masterboard (monster board?) background to create your monster. Your school map does make me wonder though, where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

Thank you for sharing your fun creations!

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