Big Paper Button Decorations

I came upon some super cute gift toppers in the form of giant buttons while scrolling Pinterest recently and kind of had to have them!



When I clicked through, all I got was basic directions on wrapping a gift and putting big button decorations on it. No information or directions about the buttons! So I decided to make my own jpg files using Photoshop to upload to Cricut Design Space to cut the layers. They’re 5"/12.7 cm in diameter.

For the multi colored buttons there are two different files to cut, in two different mats:
Mat 1 (solid color cardstock): Three base pieces to build up some thickness and 1 top panels


Mat 2 (printed cardstock): One top panels


Here is one button’s worth of pieces cut and waiting to be assembled.

The reason I cut several of the same was to build up some thickness to help them seem more like real giant buttons and to be sturdier. I just used paper glue (Art Glitter glue) and then once all the layers were glued together, set them under a few pads of cardstock to keep them from warping while they dry.


The white button is a second style with just the outer ring raised; I didn’t take a photo of that mat in Design Space. I thought I had some pearl paper which I thought could look a bit like a vintage mother-of-pearl button, but I was mistaken so I substituted white glitter paper. I think I’m going to explore so fun options with that one, too!


What a cute idea and a great way to stashbust some paper.

Really cute!!

Thanks pals! I might end up putting together a few more today!

Buttons!!! They look fantastic :slight_smile:

These are fantastic! :green_heart:

Very cool!

Thanks, y’all!

Those are adorable!

Freakin’ LOVE these! So flippin’ adorable.

Thank you, friends! I will definitely be making more!

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I saw somebody made some giant wood or plastic buttons as craft room wall decorations. Would yours work for that sort of thing? Could you go even bigger and mount them on chipboard or something?

Or you could even leave them the same size and do a mobile- actually, a mix of sizes might be fun for a mobile…

Once could certainly go bigger, up to about 11.5" in diameter on my Cricut Explore. I’m not sure exactly how thick mine would cut reliably, but I imagine a Cricut Maker could. As they are, they could certainly be wall decorations and probably a mobile if you wanted them to be faced toward the floor.


Look at you designing your own cut files! You’ll be setting up a shop before you know it :wink:

I love the button design and I really like how you added layers to give it more dimension. Will you share a photo of a gift topped with a button when you have one?

I would love to learn how to make more complex cut files! Since these are pretty much Christmas styles, I can’t promise to remember to get pics, but I will try!

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That’s cute, I will have to try these.