Bird Beak Mask (with pattern)

Polly want a cracker? No, Polly wants you to stay six feet away or Polly will peck your eyes out!

Another critter mask, another pattern. This one took a bit of effort to get the upper beak overhang just right… I don’t have pictures (and am too lazy to go take them!) but there were at least 4 prototypes and much refining and tweaking of the pattern. In the end, there is a bit of hand-sewing (the beak overhang is left open, then you flip the “fold flaps” inside and kinda arrange the upper beak tip and hand-stitch it into place). I tried using a triangle of fabric in there, but nothing else worked. Plus the folded in fabric gives the beak tip some stability and shape.

I made mine with fleece and medium weight interfacing, with felt nostrils. I plan on making a black one, but haven’t gotten around to it quite yet…



Mildly in awe of your drafting skills over here…:heart:

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That is so fun!

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Haha, thanks, I am an engineer, so that helps… :smiley:



This is so great!

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lol, I love it!! :blue_heart:

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These masks are really fun!

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