Bird & Nest Pin for Mother's Day

This is a very old project, I think it’s at least 40 yrs. old. All the newspapers had ads for gift ideas. Mom & I saw a pin with a Mama bird and her nest with her eggs. The eggs were birthstones. After all this time, I don’t know if it was silver or what, but I’m sure at that age it was beyond my finances. I could NOT stop thinking about it though & I knew my Mom would like it a lot. I bought some oven bake clay, (before they had all the colors) & started crafting. Oh and I bought some inexpensive pierced earrings to represent my and my brother’s birthdays. My Mom wore it every year after that around Mother’s Day.


How special! Did you have to add color to the clay for this piece or could you find the colors you used. The earrings was a smart touch for authenticity. Thanks for sharing such a cool project from so long ago!

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Such a sweet gift for your mom, I bet she cherished it.

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That’s so sweet. What a cute project

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An amazing treasure, especially since it was formed by your own hands. Such a loving and lovely gift!


That is the sweetest gift idea!

Aw! I love the birthstones in the nest.

As someone who also grew up with the random “craft” magazines, catalogs, or even Kid Encyclopedia supplements, this is probably one of the BEST projects I’ve ever seen.

And if you hadn’t said it was 40 years old, this could very well be a recent project. You had skill even then. Look at the bark texture! And the earring birthstone eggs were such a clever solution - child or not!

I love you shared this. I hope YOU wear it now. This warms my grinchy little heart.

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Awww! This is so sweet. I love the rhinestone eggs.

This is straight up The Cutest all on it’s own, but when you ad the story… well, it’s The Adorablest!