Bird Notecards in Festive Box

I decided to take four of my favorite backyard bird pictures plus one of my hummingbird pictures to make sets of 20 notecards (4 cards each of 5 designs) and add a bonus card of six hummingbirds on my feeder. These pictures were taken by me both last summer and a couple weeks ago. I had a total of 100 pictures printed. I will give a set to each of my husband’s grandparents.

The cards are 5x9. The envelopes he found are A9

I have some in progress pics, but since we’ve used 75% of our data (our provider says it should be fine through mid-month), I’ll skip those ones, though. You get the idea!

I asked him to pick up envelopes and he bough (so far) one box of pretty gold envelopes (what he said he found). I wanted a cool way to have a reusable box, bit didn’t think they’d appreciate the beauty of a masterboard or collage of cardstock, so I used wrapping paper. Smart anyway, right?

I surprised this particular grandmother with a card from the set I first made and she liked it. Both grandparents send cards for birthdays and anniversaries,.so I’m sure it’ll be a hit!


Pretty cards! :slight_smile: I’m sure they will enjoy them! :slight_smile:


Lovely!!! My favorite is the blue bird with the blue background!!

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Such pretty cards! I love hummingbirds. The box is a perfect addition.

just darling!

These are great!!! What a lovely idea to make the photos into cards. You know me — I love yellow, so the yellow one is my favorite.

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@endymion: Yes, the yellow ones are so pretty!
@bethntim: Thanks!!
@kittykill: You know I love hummingbirds, too! I saw my first for the season yesterday, and just saw another one today!
@GeekyBookworm: Yes, so pretty! Thanks for helping me make more yesterday.
@bluebird: Thanks!!


Believe me, there are a lot of people who love birds…I am not sure I would be able to use those…ha…I would probably end up framing them or something!

What a lovely gift idea, though…and with a nice place to keep them together as well…I am sure that they will be perfect for any occasion as well, and grandparents like that…sending something in the mail!

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Beauties! My sister and I were chatting on the phone today about all the different birds we’ve seen in our backyards this spring. The simple pleasures of being trapped at home with nothing much to do except for look out a window, lol.

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lol we have been eating out on our patio almost every night…tonight we even watched a huge black raven …yeah, the things we miss in the bustle of everyday life

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I’ve seen hummingbirds at my feeder 6x so far today. I thought it was just the same one, but now I think maybe 2 different ones. The one I just saw had a pretty white throat whereas the other one was probably male…pretty red.

I have been enjoying all the birds this winter. I need to recognize their songs.

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That is a really lovely gift! Great photos!!

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