Bird Seed/Food Containers

Repurposed a couple of Gold Peak Tea containers (the larger size - not single serve) to use for the birds. One obviously for seed - simple cut with birds found off the internet. Font: Copperplate

The hummingbird food container has measurement lines because I hate having to get out the cups every time. The hummingbird is one layer from Jennifer Maker’s hummingbird mandala. Font: Copperplate


How nice to make your bird related items so pretty and functional!

These are really pretty and I love the measuring lines on the hummingbird feeder!


do you boil your hummingbird nectar, or just mix it?

@AIMR better than going in the recycle bin! :recycle:

@Bunny1kenobi this is actually just what I store it in since I have multiple feeders throughout my yard.

@steiconi I just heat the water in the microwave enough for it to melt the sugar but not hot enough to melt the bottle, if that make sense. Plus I’m using filtered water in case that makes a difference.


Oh! This is super start and such a pretty way to hold seed and hummingbird food.

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These are so sweet and pretty.

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Congratulations, this is one of this week’s featured projects!

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