Birds Nest Box Cards for Mother's Day

I’m way ahead of schedule for Mother’s Day, but am waiting for some materials before I work on some things that are coming sooner.


There’s one for my mom and one for TheMisterT’s mom, made entirely from stash!

These box cards had some extra details around the base which were fiddly, but I think really make a difference.


Some more details!



My “classic” into-the-envelope shots!

I used my Cricut Explore to cut files from


These came out really nice! The details around the base were definitely worth the extra effort! You’re really good at shading your elements to give them extra dimension!

Thank you! I think I am getting better at the shading, but still don’t get it a lot of the time!

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So beautiful!

Holy WOW. These look amazing! Gorgeous job. My mom loves pop-up cards. Wish I had a cricut or was good at cutting paper without a scissors. Lol.

Thank you!

Super fancy! How are you tinted the edges of the paper? That’s a great detail, really makes things look dimensional.

holy moley! Your work is gorgeous as always, thanks for sharing!

These are so gorgeous! Lucky mommas!


Thanks, everyone!

In these I am using a stamping ink pad for the edges and on the surfaces of the nest parts. Sometimes I will run the edges of the paper along a marker to hide the white core of paper or to highlight the edge just a bit.

Oh my goodness T! They are beautiful!

Those are incredible!!! So pretty and so much detail!

Thanks, friends!