Birds of a Feather Prayer Flags

I worked on a committee charged with exploring growth for our church. It was a one year charge and now, 5 years later, we are ending the committee. Though it has been an extremely rewarding journey, we hit some hard bumps in the last year. People acting in very unexpectedly bad ways outside our committee, but impacting us hard. We made it through but felt that we needed to end and let the next phase happen in a new form.

I was the last chair, reluctantly taking the position, and vowing to end the group. Instead of thank you cards, I made prayer flags for each surviving member. We grew to really know each other and built lasing friendships over the years. They are in the mail today!

Scarlet Tanager:

Indigo Bunting:

Purple Finch:

Blue Winged Warbler:

Red Winged Black Bird:


Those are lovely! All of the birds look great. Very nice gifts.

These are beautiful and so meaningful. The red wing blackbird is my favorite. :heart::yellow_heart::black_heart:

I love the lifelike pose of each bird.

I love these so much! Beautiful prayer flags!

I’m speechless! Such a lovely gift and such beautiful birds!

This bird lover gives this project 2 thumbs up!

Very lovely use of wonderful fabrics and yarns!

I really do love these. They look so beautiful all together! The way you positioned each bird on the branches (or grasses/reeds/sedges) gives them such a natural feel.

These are really lovely and I bet they will be so appreciated.

I can’t wait to hear the responses from my team. Mail is so erratic these days. Sometimes next day, sometimes several days…in the same town.

Thank you all for your lovely comments. These were healing for me to create.

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Oh my goodness! What wonderful flags! I love them.

Simple, elegant, and lovely.

Each an elegant work of art! I’m sure the recipients will treasure them and the time and energy they put into creating change, even if things didn’t end the way you expected.

what a meaningful memento for your teammates!
thx for sharing~

Congrats! Your Birds of a Feather Prayer Flags is one of this week’s featured projects. You rock!

Amazing! Wonderful! Thank you!

These are so pretty and meaningful!

Those are beautiful. Such a thoughtful gift.

These are wonderful. I love how much texture you included. Gives me grabby hands impulses!!