Birthday Mail for a little girl

My one son lives in CO with his friends and their daughter. So every year I send her birthday gifts (along with gifts through out the year!) Its that time again and they actually fly out to see me in a little over a week.
So here’s her annual Birthday Girl shirt - different every year, a water bottle for the plane incorporating her favorites of red, blue, frozen! I usually send her ones with her name on it but didn’t this time due to the plane ride. Then a little case for her stuff!! and some fillings!


We traveled a lot when I was a kid, and I was allowed a single traincase. My mom said I could fill it with whatever I wanted, it just had to fit.

I think your little traveler will love this just as much as I loved mine! It’s certainly much more magical! For all her found treasures!

What a personalized and thoughtful gift! I love this tradition! Enjoy your time with them when they arrive! So exciting!

You are so thoughtful…that little case will hold many memories for that little girl. As a child, I loved boxes and cases and anything that could hold my “stuff”.

The shirt is just adorable! The water bottle is a great idea on a plane since they have really cut back on services!

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What an exciting package for a little girl to get in the mail. This is super sweet! Enjoy your visit!

Aww, she must feel SO special. You’re the best!

What a fun and pretty package of gifties!

My grandmother use to have me do the same! I still have that train case which is now all stained and dilapidated and such but its my bow of memories from all my grandmothers. I store certain items that were theirs in it. I am not generally sentimental and don’t hold on to much but the train case holds some goodies I will not part with


Train cases are brilliant. Also, you can sit on them after a hard afternoon at play.

I love you had one, too! Don’t you let it go - even in a sad state!

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She received her package and was sooo excited!! Their mail is a communal community mail area so her and her daddy walked down to their mail locker where she got to get her package out herself and bring it home. She LOVED the little case and immediately started filling it with any little things she could find! She face timed me while doing this and was trying to take the Echo show around the house to show me what elese she was going to find and fill it with! She’s planning on bringing the case and the water bottle to NY with her next week. Her birthday shirt she is attempting to we are everyday until her birthday tomorrow! Its so fun to craft for those that get so super excited by these little things!


Such a fun and unique gift set! I wish I still had my Caboodles case

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I still have mine! I now work in Healthcare and a well know big EMR has a module called Caboodle - all the guys were like they name these things weird what’s a caboodle??? FOR SHAME!! Its where you put your stuff??? The module is the data center of the EMR LOL


It’s the only logical name!

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I bet she loves it…and now she can find stuff around your house to put inside it! awwww…

I still have my caboodles case…repurposed to hold wires and leather cords! Such a handy thing…to think at one time I wasted it on umpteen lipsticks and nail polish…lol

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