Birthday Scavenger Hunt

For my friend’s birthday this year, I created a scavenger hunt, so all of the kids at the party could run & hunt for the presents to bring to her.

I put one clue in each balloon/one for each year of her life. The kids would pop a ballon, grab the clue & run off to find it. It was so cute and kept the kids quite entertained. :smile:

Also, I used confetti balloons and @mr.sweets4ever was REALLY excited about that little detail. :joy:
We are still finding confetti almost a year later. Whoopsie. :partying_face: :rofl:

The balloon bouquet they had to pop one-by-one! :balloon:


What a fun way to celebrate the birthday girl :slight_smile:

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What an awesome birthday surprise!

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Thank you, thank you!

That’s so creative!


@sheepBlue is herrrrre! :partying_face:

Hello sheepBlue!!!

AMAZING! What a great way to keep 'em busy having fun!

I can be counted as one of the tiny minority that, dare I say, prefers there to be glitter (and confetti) in the floor boards!

That is amazing, you are such a great friend!