Birthdays and Anniversaries Issue

The default for the page that lists anniversaries and birthdays defaults to anniversaries. Since birthdays are nearly everyday, I was wondering if it would be better to switch those. No biggie.

However, today, Jan 29, 2020, when I clicked on birthdays, I also clicked on tomorrow and Jan 31. Both said there were none. But when I clicked “ALL”, there are people with birthdays on Jan 31.

Birthdays for January 31st

There are no users celebrating their birthdays tomorrow.

Here is what shows up when you hit “ALL”…

LadybugsAndBees Barbara

Founding Member

January 31st

shellyR Michelle

January 31st

When you hit upcoming today, it just shows the first week of February.

Well, my birthday IS tomorrow! :wink:
But I know that is not what you were getting at.

I check everyday for upcoming birthdays. At the beginning of the month, I checked to see who all had birthdays in January and noticed yours and a few others of people I know well. Today, when I checked, I noticed that there were no birthdays for tomorrow but I knew there were two…so this is some sort of weirdness…I wonder if it will happen in February as well?

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Well, I’ll be damned. That is a sticky wicket.

Investigating. :mag:


This was indeed broken. I’ve applied the repair and it will be active in my next update. Unless it’s a showstopper issue, I generally only update every 3 weeks or so, so it’s in the queue, but may be a bit before we see it live on the site.

Thank you so much for reporting this, @AIMR!