Biscotti Cereal

Finally made a batch (and over cooked it, :frowning_face:). I used some almond milk and it tasted as best as burnt and poorly made biscotti could, :rofl: (seriously, it would have been a lot better if I waited til I felt better, I was very very dizzy. But I had the counter cleared and I just had to, HAH!).

In hindsight, I should have buttered, oiled, watered the knife and cut it all to shape so there’d be more of a crust around the pieces. Oh well, I was lazy.

All in all, it is absolutely doable.

what I learned from this. The first bake needs to be 325° for 15 to 21 minutes (until the edges brown). The second bake needs to be 275° or 300° for about ten to fifteen minutes (mixing around about every five minutes).

I was just thinking, it might create a better crunch (cereal texture) if some oil/butter/egg white was brushed on it, :thinking:. (something to try the next time).


what a cool idea! looks yummy
(and I hope you are feeling better now)

Sounds yummy!