Black Cat Dotee

I made this little guy for the current Dotee Swap. I’ve been digging Juliette Crane’s art and techniques recently and when my partner had “black cats” listed on her Q I knew I wanted to try to do one in that style.

I decided to do a painting on fabric and then stitch it up. Here’s the painting before becoming a dotee:

It has a layer of gel medium over the paint to keep things from smudging and there are yarn and fabric dangly parts:

I attached the loop with a wooden button and signed the back:

One last close up shot:

He was pretty fun to make. Thanks for looking! :black_heart:


Nice to take your art lessons to a different level! I am definitely going to have to try this style…I just love the layers on the faces! You also captured a sweet expression.

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This kitty dotee is… the cat’s meow and pajamas. SO GOOD!


So cute and beautifully executed!

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Thank you friends! :blush:

Awww! I love how the face is a heart shape and there are subtle pink cheeks. The light shade of blue above the eyes is lovely. It’s just darling–lucky partner!


Freakin’ awesome!

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Oh my goodness, I love this! And I love the painting too. It’s such a sweet image. Love that kitty!

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What a sweet piece! I love the texture you got in the brushwork, and his soft little face.

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Thanks guys!

:bell: :bellhop_bell: :bell: :bell: :bellhop_bell: :bell: :bell: :bellhop_bell: :bell: :bell: Ring-a-ding-ding! Your wonderful craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! CONGRATS! :bell: :bellhop_bell: :bell: :bell: :bellhop_bell: :bell: :bell: :bellhop_bell: :bell: :bell:

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Love how you started with a painting on flat fabric before turning it into a 3D dotee. Cool!


Thank you! :grin:

What a sweet kitty! And what cat doesn’t need yarn and dangly bits, right?