Black Cat Moongaze Soap for Halloween

I made some Halloween soap! I’m super proud of how it turned out!

This was my first time trying a block mold to make several bars. Also my first time using embed molds.

I made the cat and moon embeds and then layed them in the mold at the appropriate layer.

My only complaint is that the honey glycerin and goats milk soaps I used are very soft and slimy so they smeared a little when I cut them. And they are pretty sticky to touch.

Does anyone have recommendations for harder melt and pour soaps? Or do I have to figure out cold process to get that firm dry texture?


I don’t know anything about making soap, but I love this soap! Perfect for Halloween.

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Wow! What a dramatic result!

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Love it!

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Gorgeous bar!
I use plain or olive oil glycerin soap for everyday use–buy in bulk and slice into bars.
It doesn’t feel slimy or sticky when dry, though it is softer than opaque soap.
Maybe it’s the honey?

That is absolutely gorgeous! I’ve made both cold and hot process soaps. I think they both have relatively the same consistency once they’re set up. I think a bit of smudging is going to happen.

Super impressive! :full_moon: :cat2:

Oh my goodness! That soap is fantastic!

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Whoa! That is fantastic! I am blown away!

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That is some beautiful soap.

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That’s so cool!

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@steiconi Yeah I kind of wondered if the honey was the culprit. I just wish it was a little firmer. I’ll have to try some other types and see if that helps. :thinking:

@Kwality570 that’s good to know. I’ve noticed that handmade glycerin soaps tend to leave more residue than opaque ones. I want to figure out how to get that firm silky texture like a Dove bar.

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments! :blush:

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So pretty! I don’t think I could use it for fear of ruining the picture.

I love that little cat silhouette! This is the prettiest soap ever!

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These came out so beautifully!

Congrats! Your Black Cat Moongaze Soap is one of this week’s featured projects. You are awesome!

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Very nice! I love all the swirls in the moon and the entire scene you’ve created!

I’ve always just done individual bars and have never thought to use a loaf mold with melt and pour. What a great idea! I’ve used the honey and the glycerin m&p soaps from brambleberry and have also done cold process and like @Kwality570, I’ve also fun into a bit of smudging when slicing.

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This is some really cool soap!

From the small previews I though it was a wolf howling at the moon. That would have been cool too!
It’s one of the most pretty soaps I have ever seen! Love to see other projects!

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Thank you @Riechan! My kitties meow at the door. That’s similar, right? :joy:

@AudiobookLover, thank you! I used a long round mold for the moon and tried to pour the grey and off- white in in layers. Then I took a skewer and kind of poked it up and down to create the marbling in the moon.

@kittykill I am so honored to be a featured project this week!