Black cocoa frosting

Good morning! For Valentine’s day I made my students (I teach adults in the training department of my company) some red velvet cupcakes with frosting made with black cocoa. Black cocoa is super dark and rich, and has an almost smoky quality. A lot of bakers use it for black frosting because it only takes a tiny bit of food coloring (if any) to make a pure black.

The cupcakes were from a mix (and were meh, but I was in a hurry. The sprinkles are Sweetapolita and are the “Glam rock” ones.
Sprinkles link
Here’s the black cocoa I used Black cocoa

1 cup salted butter, softened
3/4 cup black cocoa
4 cups powdered sugar (I used organic, because I dislike the gritty taste of regular powdered sugar in frostings from the cornstarch. Organic will make it taste a bit different as it typically uses tapioca flour. If not in the us, your powdered sugar might not contain cornstarch anyway.)
2-3 tsps vanilla
Milk or cream to thin-I used quite a bit-more than a quarter cup.

Cream butter, cocoa, and sugar in mixer. Will be very dry. Add vanilla and milk/cream. Add additional milk/cream until desired consistency. Keep refrigerated-but tastes best at room temp.


YUM! Those look fantastic!


you had me at Glam Rock! Those are amazing!

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These look wonderful, and thank you for the recipe! I had never heard of black cocoa before and was completely unaware of the added stuff in powdered sugar. The more you know!

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Oooo! These look great! And I’m glad to have a source for a black frosting that isn’t just a ton of food coloring! Because of the minimal coloring, does it not stain the mouth?

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No staining!! It’s great. :slight_smile:


they look so yummy and I really want cupcakes now.

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These look delightful and sound tasty!

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These came out so cute! I’m sure the students loved them.

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Very sweet of you to do this for your students. They look festive and yummy!

I hadn’t heard of black cocoa before. Can you tell us the brand name and where you purchased it?

Sure thing-I used King Arthur flour brand and just bought it off of Amazon. :slightly_smiling_face:

How gorgeous! Your students must have been thrilled!

Thank You