Black Spell Candles - Just Right for All Mystical Occasions

A few mailing tubes, lots of hot glue, LED voltive lights, and black paint.

I made the candles for my Trunk or Treat display.
Tubes were cut to the proper size. These tubes were tough so I used the chop saw. I also added a cardboard shelf little ways down from the top.
I dribbled the hot glue up and down the sides. I tend to get hot glue everywhere so this was the fun part. I also made a ring of hot glue to keep the voltives centered. I couldn’t glue them down because the on/off is on the bottom.
Then spray paint. This would also make lovely holiday candles too in gold or silver or red. The voltive candles got a thin coat of black paint on the outside to keep the mood.

A little mood lighting…


Cool idea and great way to reuse the mailing tubes!

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Great permanent candle props!

What a clever way to make the faux candles! They look great with your display.

Love this!

Yes, it would be a fun way to make safe candles for a few occasions!

Very cool!!

Wow! Everything looks so magical and spooky!

Very cool!!!

Love these!