Blank canvas

I am hoping this is the right place to post this?
I have a new garden to play with!
I moved last year and had to leave behind a pretty well established cottage garden. (Photos below)
However, this means I get to start again but on a smaller scale.
I’m sketching out plans and I am quite excited.
I love old fashioned plants like roses, peonies, delphinium, lupins, irises.


Beautiful! My brain is filling in all the wonderful scents while I scroll! :laughing:

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Such beauty.

When we moved across Canada in 2020, I left behind a very unusual Peony. It was well established when we bought our house and when we moved 23 years later, it was ginormous. It would have been an easy thing to bring a section but I forgot until we were pulling away from our house, fully loaded and tired. My hubby offered to go back and dig up some up but I felt it was too much to ask, I’ve been kicking myself ever since.


What a gorgeous garden! So many beautiful flowers. You’ll have to show us how the new garden develops.

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Oh I would be heartbroken

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Those are some gorgeous blossoms, how lovely. Your photos would make very nice greeting cards.

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Very beautiful! I’m especially fond of the fuchsia flower with the speckles. It looks like it is next to a yellow daisy or maybe it is a black-eyed Susan.

It’s a toad lily next to rudbeckia.
The flowers are tiny but worth it in every way.

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What a beautiful garden! I have a woefully brown thumb. I can’t even keep a potted basil alive. Seriously- I keep trying and keep failing.

Well, update time…
I have debrambled and the lawn is back to a lawn rather than a dogrun :face_with_peeking_eye::confounded:
I’ve also bought a new rose (The Lady of Shalott) and been to visit the national Hellebore collection and brough a real stunner home.

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