Blank Notes for Card Stash

I made a few blank notes to keep in my stash using vintage images from seed catalogs (or similar) to make postage stamp style embellishments.

I also used postage-y rubber stamps to make them look used.


One of the images is of sweet peas which is my mom’s birth flower, so I added birth date, too.


I had accidentally bought card blanks meant for wedding invitations while back and decided to just keep and use them. The 3 large ones are those. There’s space on the horizontal one for me to stamp a sentiment when I go it use it. I picked up folding blanks in order to make mom’s and went ahead and stamped it. Now let’s hope I remember to use it for her birthday next spring!


The postage stamp shapes are cut with a Sizzix Big Shot, the rest with scissors.


So pretty!

These are really lovely

They are so nice. Did you cut & paste 3 layers? I really like that edge bit & the letter mail stamps. They end up looking super pro while also maintaining a hand made feel, you know? Excellent work. You could easily sell your cards in an upscale gift shop premium bucks. I just paid 15 bucks for 3 cards printed with original art, no envelopes. Just prints!


Thanks, everyone!

Three of the four are 3-layers. If the image fits one of the stamp-shaped dies w/o the extra layer I’ll go plain which feels a little more like an authentic postage stamp, but also is a little less hand-crafted-looking.

You’re sweet to say so, but there is way more than $5 worth of time in each of these! Not to mention materials costs.

Of course! Actual hand made cards go for 10-12$ each here. I paid 5$ for a colour photocopy on half a page of folded 8x10.


Ah, I see what you’re saying! Yes, I have seen cards for $15! Efforts totally worth the money, but WOW.

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It’s a totally different view point when you know what goes into a craft like your lovely cards. We see all the fussy cutting, pasting, stamping, not to mention the eye for design & of course the stash! And when you make things yourself you know you can create something just as nice as is in the shops. There are so many people who can’t or won’t though. Those are the folks who pay 10-15 bucks for some pretty folded paper, lol.
I don’t craft for money but when I worked in retail cards & sunglasses were top sellers. If I was going to make a product, it would be cards. Or patterns. But meh, I just make for the love of it.

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There is for sure a little niche market for lovely handmade cards! The store that I see that kind of thing at here locally has a HUGE card selection of various sources and they must be selling these $15 cards or they wouldn’t keep stocking them. I wonder what the store’s markup is.

I love the cards. I never really thought of using my printables like that, so it’s a good idea. You may have made my card-making much easier for the ones that just toss the card. I also spy that one of the cards say “Pella, Iowa” on it. I’ve been there several times for shopping and delicious Dutch pastries.

That’s a great idea! These are from a sheet by Alpha Stamps, a sheet that I was gifted by other members! That’s so coool that you’ve spotted a place you’ve been! LOVE!

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They are lovely!

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Love these! Blank handmade cards are soo handy! I always pick up cool ones I see on my travels. I can’t always justify other purchases, but cards I know I’ll use!

These are very sweet looking. I love the added stamp to make them look like used stamps. It elevates the cards.

Thanks, pals!

these are so nice!