Bleach-Dyed T-Shirt

This may be a repost from Craftster; I definitely made it during the Cster era.

A few years ago, I was invited to a 60s-themed party, costumes encouraged. I bleach dyed (tie-bleached? It’s where you tie up a color item and soak it in bleach water.) an inexpensive T-shirt from Michael’s using rubber bands and some old, stretched-out hair ties.



Despite its origins as a costume, I do still wear it around the house sometimes as regular clothes. I no longer have the accompanying bell-bottoms I DIYed with old jeans, a t-shirt, and hot glue, however :laughing:. Thanks for looking!


How fun! I love the colors!

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I like the watercolor-y vibe of the bleaching on this!

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Too cool not to wear as “regular” clothing…

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Beautiful color range!

I tie-paint-dyed a tee for my husband for a 60s party about ten years ago. It’s still his favorite!


The bleach-tie looks cool! Mutes down the color vs amping it up. I like it!

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Thanks, everyone!

@endymion I didn’t really know how the teal would react, because colors don’t always bleach like you’d expect. But it turned out really cool without losing the teal entirely.


I really love the variations in the colour and pattern is so unique.

The shirt turned out pretty. My mom loves tie-dye and the color blue so she would wear this every day!

Very cool! It looks like water.