Blessing- a family ATC

This is a story very dear to my family. I feel comfortable sharing it with this awesome, supportive community and thank you all for being the kind of people who promote kindness and understanding. :heart:

In our faith, we believe that fathers have the honor and opportunity of giving their children blessings. Usually this is done at times of illness or stress, but also as important life events occur- an important exam, before a wedding or preparing for childbirth, or when the child is hoping for guidance and insight when making an important decision.

When our DIL was engaged to son #2, she was estranged from her father but wanted a blessing like this, so she asked my husband if he would do this for her, as her soon-to-be father in law. It was a request that was very humbling for him, and he was honored to do this. It definitely helped to create a more loving bond with her, as it touched us all.


What a beautiful story, and a beautiful way of commemorating it. Love your family cards!

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What a wonderful story of your DIL joining your family in a very important way!

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Thanks, guys!

These cards as a way to tell the story of your family are so inspiring. They’re well done as stand-alone art, yes, but then the meaning behind the image gives the artwork such depth. And it reminds a person that we don’t have to make something huge and elaborate to evoke emotion and have made Important Artwork.
I love this project of yours.


That is so sweet and a beautiful card.

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Thank you, friends!