Blue and White Peacock Embroidered Buttondown

I started this project sometime last year, but I only recently finished it. :3 I was inspired by blue and white china patterns.

I drew the design on water soluble interfacing and stitched by hand. Unfortunately, I think I put the interfacing on the wrong way, or maybe the pen I used to draw on it was not suited for that purpose because the peacock design ended up transferring a bit onto the shirt underneath.

I ended up unpicking a number of stitches and doing sections over with darker thread to disguise the pen marks. I picked up some heat-removable pens for future projects, so hopefully this won’t be an issue later.

My projects have slowed down a lot since I started my new job at the end of June, but I’m really happy I finally finished this one. :3 I am looking forward to doing more shirts like this.


Lovely! Worth the wait!

Wow! That’s so intricate and beautiful. It will be like wearing art :relaxed:

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It’s gorgeous! And a clever way to hide the pen marks. I personally always use Frixion pens for transferring patterns.


wearable art indeed!

Those are basically the kind I bought for transferring in future :3

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Wow! Beautiful work!

Stunning! :blue_heart:

I love this! I totally see the blue and white china theme. You did an amazing job.

This is sooo gorgeous! I love the shading in the lighter color thread. Did it take you a while to figure out which shades of blue to use?

Not really. I just picked one dark and one light that looked ok together. :3

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Oh my goodness, this is gorgeous! I love the blue on white; it looks so clean and classy.

Congrats! Your Blue and White Peacock Embroidered Buttondown is one of this week’s featured projects. You rock!

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This. Is. Stunning. Exclamation point!

That is really pretty! I don’t want to know how many hours you spend on this!

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This is so stylish and sophisticated! Beautiful job! I’d be terrified to wear that now lest I ruin it with stains.

Just gorgeous!