Blue Epoxy and Olivewood Wood Art

Hello! Here is an Epoxy and Olive Wood project I made. It’s around 25mm thick with bevelled edges. Hand-made in my small workshop. I thought it would look kind of cool on a wall or backlit with some LEDs.

The Bell Carve branding is my wood art brand that I built a website for a while back but didn’t have time to really push it, so rather than keep it going I merged it with Fresh Kit, my blog site and am hoping to develop a section on there to show off my wares in due course. Please feel free to follow along if you’re interested in that sort of thing. (link in bio)

Just wondering what you folks think of this style of wood art. It’s a very fun process, although more complex than you’d think when it comes to making sure the epoxy sets properly and the wood is the correct kind so it doesn’t shrink.


This is gorgeous!! The cloudy/sparkly effect in the epoxy is so interesting and the contrast with the wood grain is beautiful. Your LED idea would look stunning.

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So beautiful!! I love the contrast, too! A light shining through would make the contrast even more stunning, I think!

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Very pretty! The back-lighting sounds like a great idea, too. Out of curiosity, how do you hang it? You’d need to have enough space between it and the wall if you were going to add any lights.

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Thanks. I’d probably make some sort of frame that’s deep enough to run the LEDs around the inside edge of and fit it to the back of the piece, also cut a little notch out the bottom of the frame to let the cable run down the wall to the socket, I guess :man_shrugging:

I could use a router to cut a channel in the back of the piece, then fit the LEDs inside that alternatively.

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This is very pretty. Lovely work! The blue is wonderful, can you do other colors too? I have seen things sort of like this before and they are always in blue, so I was curious.
I think the blue makes it look like a river winding through the land.


Ohhhhhh i love blues & wood! Gorgeous! Good job on the epoxy! There’s a woodworker near me who makes cribbage boards like this and i crave them…

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This is beautifully. The olive wood was a great choice and provides a really nice contrast to the blue.

It looks like it is essentially two pieces of wood with the blue epoxy in the middle. I had thought that the epoxy would fill a hollow, but the wood would still be connected on the backside. Do you have any in progress shots showing how you filled the space in between with the epoxy? I’m picturing the wood as being clamped to a surface with the space between them and then some sort of stoppers on the side that let the epoxy reach the height you needed without spreading out everywhere and just creating a mess, but I’m curious as to what the actual setup looked like.

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This is so beautiful! :heart_eyes:

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I have done a few yeah. Here’s one of my fav’s in BLOOD RED :drop_of_blood: on my twitter:

You’re spot on. Clamped in a mould, epoxy poured in between.

I don’t have any process vids or anything of this one, I did a few a while back where I started filming but I ended up forgetting to do it and just got carried away with making, as I tend to do.

Now I have the facility, the next one I make I will do a blog post on Fresh Kit - my blog site - with process shots and an explainer. The process is cool and fraught with danger :ghost:

I’ve got a Hibiscus branch that I’ve cross-cut into hundreds of pieces and I’m just laying that out now to make some kind of wall art. Might use epoxy for it but it’s winter and difficult to keep temp stable, so will see, might leave it until Spring. I have pics of that, so will prob be worth a look when it’s done.


You should treat yourself. Epoxy and hardwood is such an amazing combo in real life. They make amazing objects, very tactile and mesmerising to behold.

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I love this!

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Oh, I’m saving up for one!

I’d love to get into this but i just hate working with the fumes (even with wearing top notch ppe). So i will just drool over your work instead!

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