Blue, gray, white quilted table runner

And my new bestie @Whistlefish received a table runner in the mini make a friend swap.

Her pick of blue and gray was perfect as I love those colors too and have just a bit of navy and gray to choose from (a bit is so not true). I was able to practice making 8 HST and those little quarter square ones too. I have become a fan of the wavy line diagonal quilting. So easy and fast and no attempt at even lines is needed. Just the perfect thing to contrast with a geometric quilt.


Wow! That is stunning!

So lovely!

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This is so pretty. It really reminds me of a clear night following a stormy day.

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That’s a wonderful image .


It really is so well done and just beautiful…I am a fan of the wavey lines, too!

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This is gorgeous! I love the wavy lines for the quilting! I’ll need to remember that idea! So pretty.

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Lovely! Great colors.

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I love that it’s both scrappy, and very unified at the same time. Beautiful.

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So pretty! Your binding is amazing too. I have the hardest time with that.


The colorways you chose really modernize the classic pattern. Great work.