Blue Ocean Fabric Twine Wreath

Thanks to the tutorial and prodding of @Lynx2Lancer, I made fabric twine and used it to make a new wreath for my front door.

I used just about every strip of blue scraps that I had, plus a little bit of some “ugly” or no longer wanted fat quarters. This was a fun and mindless task that I did while binge watching Better Call Saul… :smiley:

I made yo-yo flowers in three sizes and then glued them on…didn’t want to cover up too much of the twine. I also added some seashells I collected while walking on the beach this past fall.

Here it is without the embellishments. I made the gradient by sorting the strips into light, medium and dark and transitioned by using a strip from the previous round into the next round. It was not a perfect method, but it worked well enough.

Here it is embellished. I didn’t glue it too much so I can remove the stuff when I get tired of it and add maybe other flowers or a bow.

I loved this project…but I am in no hurry to make another soon…my hands are so tired of twisting fabric! Thanks for looking!


Wow, it’s beautiful! I bet fits right in with your new beachy locale! :wink:

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It turned out so great! Blue skies, clear water, spring flowers. Just so fresh & beautiful.

WOW! This turned out great! The yo-yos are a perfect complement to the fabric twine!

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It’s so beautiful! I love the clusters of yoyos and seashells. dreaming of the beach from boring Ohio.

That turned out great! I can see that after a bit of weathering from the salty air it’ll get even more charm with time too :slight_smile:

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This is so pretty, @AIMR! Love the colors and texture.

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This looks so cool! I love it both with and without the embellishment.

These colors are so appealing to me. You deserve a massage!


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So pretty! I really need to make some twine!

You should! It is fast once you get going…I have a styrofoam wreath form left that I think I might go for a St. Patrick’s Day themed one…I have lots of greens! Great stash buster!