Blue quilt

Not sure if I posted this top when I made it. It’s for a dear friend and I’m meeting her tomorrow, my first close friend that I’m going to see F2F after 16 weeks of lockdown. Although I don’t think I’ve seen her for closer to 20 weeks
So it gave me the final push to get it done. Simple straight line quilting and the border is the backing fabric folded to the front. (I need to do this more, it’s so much quicker)

This is the fourth quilt completely finished plus two quilt tops (and a million other things) made during lockdown, and still barely a dent in my stash


It’s gorgeous! The wide and small strips of blue make a fairly simple pattern look that much more interesting.


Thank you, it is a really simple pattern and it sews up quickly. I tend to be drawn to quilts with bigger blocks so you can see the prints.


It’s so beautiful and reminds me a lot of your green quilt. Have fun with your F2F with your friend.

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I can not wait. Two friends actually. So excited!!


Your quilts are gorgeous! This one has such a modern feel to it. Simply beautiful!

Good job getting it finished in time for your meet-up! This pattern reminds me of a house in my grandma’s town that has stained glass windows flanking the front door. I think the shades of blue kind of enhance that window impression I’m getting. I really like it.

Shut up! That is beautiful!

Gorgeous! What an awesome gift!

Pretty! And nice trick with the “binding.” I would never know from the pic. :wink:

Beautiful and cheerful my friend!

Such a charming quilt - the colors, shapes, placements, pattern, everything is so joyous! Your friend will love it. Enjoy your time together!

Congrats! Your Blue Quilt is one of this week’s featured projects. You are awesome!

I love all the dreamy, cool blues.

Awesome quilt!