Blueberry Boro :: Slow Stitching Embroidery

I have been slowly collecting some fabric scraps and embellishments, with the intention of starting to slow stitch. Well, today was the day!

I watched this helpful, short YouTube video to get me inspired.

I just went with the flow…Not only was this meditative, because I didn’t know where this would end up from beginning to end, but it was a sustainable project too. I got the fabric, linen and wool felt, as free scraps from a fabric store, the beads and needles I used were from the op shop, and the Perle 8 Cotton thread was from Facebook marketplace second hand.

I was going to do the whole piece in Boro style stitching, but then it just felt right to make the white shapes to imitate the print on the grey fabric ~ I’m not sure of the name of the stitch if there is one, but I did it in the style of a lazy daisy. The piece is approximately 4x6 inches.

It is so nice to touch and hold :open_hands:t2: Thanks for looking :hugs:


I love this!!! The colors are fantastic and your stitching compliments the fabric perfectly!

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This is really lovely! Detailed and engaging, yet calm and relaxing.

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Beautiful! I could see this framed and hanging somewhere classy.


Gorgeous! I love its meditative, modern/minimalist vibe. Not sure why, but I think I prefer the vertical layout.


Agreed. This would look very classy framed.

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Such a lovely simple piece

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Thank you all so much for your kind words. I’m excited to start on my next piece :slight_smile: