Blythe Dresses - 1 Pattern 4 Ways

I first encountered Blythes way back in 2006 or '07 way back on the other site but just got my first one this spring. She needed a wardrobe ASAP so I bought the Lisbeth pattern by TirinAndKatten on etsy and decided to methodically work my way through all four variations.

I started with the round neckline, which established that this was a fantastic pattern, I just needed more practice.

The square neckline was next and is probably my favorite:

I needed something for Easter so I decided to give the off-the-shoulder variation a shot. Not exactly my favorite look and it wasn’t helped by my experiment with a longer skirt.

And then last night I tried the V-neck option. It isn’t a very noticeable point, to be honest, and I had so many struggles with the pattern this time around (mostly because I kept catching the bodice lining when attaching the skirt). Also tried a shorter skirt - that part at least turned out pretty well.

Conclusion! I highly recommend this pattern - it is very well written and probably wouldn’t be a bad choice for someone who knows their way around a sewing machine but has never sewn doll clothes. The wet shaping technique to improve the drape of the skirt is something I’m going to use over and over again, and it improved my confidence with side seams and adding my own seam allowances to pattern. I’m definitely going to make the round and square neckline versions again.


Such a cute wardrobe your your doll!

I love the square neck one as well. A good pattern is one that gives options…for a doll, you could probably even do the v for the back.

They’re all seriously cute dresses.

Adorable! :slight_smile:

Great variations! My daughters would love it if I could sew tiny dresses like this. I can’t even fathom the tinyness, and you do it perfectly!

These turned out really cute, even the ones you’re less fond of.

The dresses are darling!

Doll clothes can be so fiddly because they are so small. I love all the variations.

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