Boating Safety - Rescue Mission, Needle Felting


Awwww! The little chick or duck is adorable. The mouse hero with their teeny life jacket and spoon paddle is adorable, too! As usual, cute, cute, cute!

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D’oh, and he’s got a little helper for his rescue mission, too! These tiny little details just kill me! :heart::heart:

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The duck and the life jacket. I really want to write a book about all your creations.


Yes!! What kk said! Your little guys are so cuuuuuute!

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And if it wasn’t enough for them to be adorable, they’re also good citizens, helpful and industrious!


Thank you very much!! :mouse: Squeak!! :duck: Quack!!

This one was sort of in progress for quite a while. I carved the paddle weeks ago. I did various experiments to decide on how the boat should me made.

I’m undecided on whether or not the duckling is there to help on the rescue mission or is the one rescued. The duckling was a last day addition. I considered lots of other things that one finds on a boat: anchor, life preserver; rope; tackle box etc. The duckling was a lot more fun to make!


Another awesome job! Sooo cute! The paddle is gorgeous .

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Thank you!! :mouse: Squeak!! :smiley:

I never in my life could have ever imagined seeing a needle felted life vest, but now I have! The mouse is super cute and that little ducky is just phenomenally adorable. You hit this one out of the park.

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Thank you very much!! I never envisioned myself needle felting a life vest either, but mice take you where they want to go! :mouse: Squeak!!