Bondable webbing?

Does anyone here use products like Bondaweb, HeatnBond, any type of fusible webbing? What’s best for the money?

I need/want to print a pattern. Either onto the substrate or be able to attach paper pattern to the substrate so I can cut it out/transfer to fabric.

Think making your own appliques.

Help the old woman here, lol.


I have used a few fusible webbings, but can’t honestly say I recall their differences. Missouri Star has this information, which only helps select type, not brand, but it’s a start.

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If you’re making appliques, you want HeatnBond.


I am also in the HeatnBond camp…I use it for a lot of projects, but especially applique. It keeps the edges from raveling too much while you stitch, is easy to use, relatively inexpensive and even the scraps can be used.

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I knew you pros would know what to suggest.

Thank you so much!

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For a temporary bond to stick a pattern to the fabric use the spray n bond. There is a temporary version and a heat activated permanent one. For backing applique before you cut it out use the heat n bond lite. Ultra or heavy duty is for serious bonding like patches.

Thanks, great info.

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