Boo House for Tiny Ghosts

I crafted this little chunky chunky house for fun and as part of the current craft challenge chain. I had the wood blanks cut years ago and it just needed sanding and painting. Some paper, more paint, bits and pieces and here we are! It’s 7" x 3". I may add an eye hook for hanging.


Oooo! Quite spooky! Love the little bits and the painting so much, but I think the thing that keeps drawing me back are the shingles on the roof.

Spooky cute. Love the picture too.

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The shingles are egg carton cardboard. It makes good bricks or stone paths too.


Lovely chunky house! Starting with wood blanks is so smart.

I never would have thought of a domino door.

And double sixes no less.


Simple and cute! I love it!

With what looks like some red showing through on the dots. I don’t think I’ll be trick-or-treating there…

It’s brown…dried blood?

Thank you for having the picture on back, too; I was trying to figure it out.

I love projects that use stash items that have been held onto for years. This turned out so great! My favorite detail is the aging on the wood letters. Turned out great!