Hey crafty peeps!!

Another top notch title from Mr Loops there I’m sure you’ll agree… :laughing:

So this week I have for you a neon and lace set!! I started it well before Xmas but with everything that happened I’ve only just managed to finish it off :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

My initial idea inspiration was from this skirt, but of course we all know that I’m not a subtle person so I favoured the idea of black over a neon colour!!

So I decided I’d make a lace overskirt with this beautiful embroidered lace, with a separate underskirt, so that I could have all manner of colour combos (maybe even with shorts too) depending on my mood, and handily I had enough fabric leftover to make a matching top too!

It perhaps doesn’t look as fluorescent neon highlighter green as you’d expect from me… until you see it without the lace over the top… :sunglasses:

I would have liked to make a circle skirt, as I looove some flare, but since I wanted to use the scallop on the bottom I ended up doing a simple tube skirt on my first attempt and just gathered the top with elastic. Downfall is that this was incredibly bulky on the waist, so since I’d only used half the fabric I started again and did a 5 gore skirt instead.

And since I didn’t want to waste the skirt I’d already made, I used that fabric to make a matching top with one of my favourite patterns (George and Ginger - Teen Spirit Top) and some purdy satin bias binding :grin:

For the under-pieces I had initially got some nice [what I thought from the photo was] neon satin fabric, but they really weren’t doing it for me, so when I spotted some actual neon ribbed jersey fabric at Pound Fabrics I had to have it! Suffice to say I got green, and also yellow, and tbh I’m pondering getting the pink too cos who doesn’t adore some 80’s neon???!

Question is, can I get away with the full neon lace set??? I’m not 100% sure yet whether I’ll wear the set together, but hey, I can wear all the pieces separately eh, and the lace top will come in really handy in summer to hide my batwings (currently covered in puppy bites, as is most of my body!!)

And finally it’s time for a couple of puppy pictures!

Hope ya like it!! :woman_mage:
Loops xx


You are gorgeous in green! This looks great! I love the versatility. :slight_smile:
The puppy is a good added touch, too. Those ears are making me melt on the inside!


I 100% think you can, and should, wear it as a set! It looks great together!
And your puppers look jealous!


Well, you’ve done it. You’ve convinced me that a black lace skirt and a black lace top are versatile garments! You can wear them over so many things - SHORTS! - and get many looks for many occasions. And let me second how amazing that green looks on you. WHOA.


As always-WOW!

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Love, love, love this one!! Both as a set and separate over the blue top…I would never have thought to wear something like that and now I sooo want to! Love your eye for fashion.

And I love how it looks like you’re laughing at the title in the first pic. So great. :green_heart:


First of all, the title is fantastic, yeah Mr Loops!

I love everything about this outfit! You certainly can wear it as a set and I hope you get the pink … neon pink and neon green are my all time favourite colours.

Now I’m considering making something like this for myself.


Look at what you’ve done! Trendsetter!!! Everyone wants your outfit and I can see why! That lace is gorgeous and I love how versatile this outfit is! Plus, it looks fantastic on you!


Gorgeous, as always.

@Kwality570 - Awww thank you so much! Absolutely, I love the idea of being able to mix and match with different colours and different outfits :smiley: And I don’t know what it is, but all the pups we’ve had have absolutely adoooorable ears!!!

@gozer - Excellent, just need to find an opportunity to wear them now, I’m thinking maybe a nice bbq with friends or a trip to the garden centre with the pups (now that Atlas has had his final vaccinations he’ll be allowed out in a few days!), I feel like it’s a nice cheery outfit to bring out the sun!!

@TheMistressT - I’m defo looking forward to trying shorts underneath, the lace pattern is so ornate that I don’t think it’ll be hugely obvious so I can look classy whilst feeling super comfy :wink: Tbf I always wear shorts under skirts anyways for the old chub rub, so this’ll save me wearing one layer of clothing, lol.

@Abbeeroad - Oh you nose it!! Trust Mr Loops to pick something like booger for my classy set… rofl. The top worked great with the blue over some black jeans, defo see me wearing that the most often probably!

@Cindy - I’d better not tell Mr Loops, the pressure gets to him having to come up with my titles!! :wink: I’ve just checked and the neon pink is still in stock so I’m gonna head over and get some asap!

@Bunny1kenobi - Oh myyyyy, a trendsetter, I love it!! :star_struck: