Book Page Stationery ~ Tutorial

I’ve stated making my own stationery (or upcycling old book pages into new stationery…)

Here’s my how-to tutorial :smile: If you have a keep eye you’ll notice these pictures are from different sets because I missed documenting a few the first go around :wink:

Firstly tape your pages down to a flat surface (I like to use painters tape):

Apply two coats of white gesso, no need for the first coat to dry:

Let the gesso dry then do a quick wash with watercolor. For this set I used burnt sienna first (I’ve also made sets with the same watercolor color for all the layers and it looks fine :slight_smile: ). Before the paint dries use a cloth to blot the excess water off:

Let that dry then add 1-2 coats of your top color using the same method. You can also use plain water if the color becomes too concentrated. I find it best to let it sit for a little while before blotting but you might want to experiment on your own to see what works for you:

Carefully remove the tape once the pages are dry. Expect the edges to tear in places. You could trim the raw edges off, but I like to leave them a little rough.

Some detail shots:

Thanks for looking! :grin:


Very cool!

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Thanks for sharing! I really need to do this, ASAP…I have letters to write and far too many loose book pages. :smile: though I’ve been doing a lot with them, somehow making stationery didn’t cross my mind!

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Oh, how neat! I have a hard time destroying books, but…darn, that might be worth it!

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What a cool idea! Your stationery looks great - so much character!

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That’s a great idea! I don’t have many loose book pages, but I do need a lot of letter writing papers, so when op shops open up again I’ll have to go hunting for the perfect book to alter it’s pages :slight_smile:

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Hmm. I had been wondering whether to get some watercolors…but I’m not a painter, so what would I use them for…this could be a slippery slope.


Neat! My penpal would appreciate this, I think.

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This is such a cool way to repurpose! It would be so nice to receive a letter written on this stationery, too!

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