Bookmark 05

I made another bookmark.
You might recognize the drawings, since I posted them on LC before.
But I now decided to put them on a bookmark together.

The bookmark is 5x15 cm, or 2x6 inch, just like the previous ones.
I’m glad the drawings did not lose their details after I reduced them in size.

I hope you like it.


More books…what’s not to love here? This is a great addition to your other bookmarks!

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These illustrations are great!

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Looks great! What are you doing with your bookmarks?

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Thanks, @wittychild, @Animegirlie and @endymion !

I am sending out my bookmarks with Happy Mail (to LC members, friends and family) and I plan on giving them away in our Gratis Biebje (Free Little Library) too (I’ll first need some kind of stand or container for them, so they won’t end up on the ground).

Also, I have added them to the bookmark collection I seem to have started accidentally, lol (that’s what happens when you keep collecting books).


another beautiful piece!

and @endymion I was one of the lucky recipients of a gorgeous bookmark recently!


Even better: you got two (01+02).

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Yes, yes! I mis-typed that detail!
I love them both equally :heart:

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I love those fat books! Very cool bookmark. :slight_smile: