Bookmarks and Paper Chain 2.0 -Pour Paint Version

I like to collect the pour off from when I do pour painting onto paper and turn it into other things.

For the Santa Sack Swap, I used the excess pour off to make some bookmarks and to add some pizzazz to a paper chain (spiced up something simple for something more artsy)!

These first bookmarks are inspired by the snowmen paintings I had made. I love them!

With most of the rest of the excess pour off, I cut strips, used double sided tape and taped it to another strip, and made this chain -25 chains for 25 days until Christmas.

And, in progress, chain pic:

Thanks for looking.


Nice! The backgrounds look like the northern lights.

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Thanks. I thought so, too.

Great way to use up the leftovers from the pours! They are so pretty. I just love those bookmarks!

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I love that you use the leftovers! The waste associated with paint pouring is why I could never bring myself to try it, so this is very meaningful to me.


Very pretty! I immediately saw Northern Lights, too.

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ooh, the paper chain is glorious!

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These are just too cute! I also saw Northern Lights! Excellent use of those excess pieces.

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Great ways to use the pour-off! Very pretty! It all turned out pretty great!

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