Bookmarks Are Glam

I created this bookmark for @curiousfae as part of the bookmark swap. Watercolor mounted on scrapbook paper. It’s hard to tell in the picture but, the necklace and belt chains are metallic gold for a bit of shine and the black trim behind the watercolor has a lovely stamped leather texture.

Initial sketch with a bit of color.


I lol’ed at the quote :smile:
The artwork is lovely.

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Thank you! I love snark :smile:.

The gold is the perfect touch!
Is it gold watercolor?

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It is!

Beautifully executed and a good giggle!

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Oooh, your drawing skills are awesome! Love it :orange_heart:

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Thank you, @TheMistressT & @wendiek!

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very nice

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Love it!! Your watercolor skills are on point!

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@Myrthena & @Bunny1kenobi - thank you!

It’s gorgeous!

Haha. That quote is perfect for @curiousfae! Lovely work.