Bookmarks in pink

These were also made for @irid3sc3nt. For the smaller bookmark I used offcuts from the cards and envelopes that I made for her. It is actually a pretty normal-sized bookmark.

The behemoth with the flamingos on it came from a coloring book. I had colored the flamingos themselves years ago, so I finished it off, cut it out, added some scrapbook paper on the reverse, and laminated it.


Great use of the coloring page, and the other bookmark looks so fancy and regal!

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I wouldn’t have guessed it was a coloring book!
What’s funny is that I have a small metal flamingo in one of my backyard pots. I used to put pink flamingos out front in the yard for summer decoration. I was thinking a couple years ago I put one of them in with my fake flower metal vase.
I have skeleton flamingos for Halloween that I painted.

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So pretty. I love the shape of the second one a lot! Do you have a punch to create the top section?

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Thanks, everyone!

@Kwality570 I don’t have a punch. The curve was left after the envelope was cut out of the paper, so I took advantage of that. Other than that I just used my paper cutter.