Boomer Hoopla

I made this Boomer (from Animal Crossing) hoop for @roler as one of her Secret Santas in the Secret Santa swap. We’ve swapped before (and recently in the ongoing ornament swap), so I knew she’d recognize who sent the package and was her not-so-secret to her Santa. :santa:

I knew I wanted to make a felt applique, but I had never done one before, so I figured it out.

  1. I found the image I wanted to replicate and printed it the size I wanted to use.

  2. Then, I picked out the felt colors I would need. I used black as a background, and cut around Boomer’s shape first.

  3. Then, I kept him in place with pins and started cutting pieces from my printed pattern, cutting them as shapes, and sewing them to the now empty space. I went around the edges first, then started to work inward.

    Follow the small pictures left top, left bottom, bottom left, bottom right to see my order. Then I ended with the larger picture.

  4. Once he was all pieced, I decided then he would make a good hoopla, and started looking for fabric. I decided to just print my own on photo fabric paper, so I Google’d “Animal Crossing background” and chose this blue one.

  5. I did a blanket stitch around the edge and filled with fiberfill to make him 3-D.

  6. I chose to use white floss for the applique because I like the look.

Roler was so lucky to get my only oval hoop! I’ve had that baby for years!


What a cool way to create a hoopla!

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Wow, thanks for showing your process! That’s quite different from mine, and I love how it came up with a totally different look! The white floss makes it really pop and the 3D effect is fantastic. And you printed that background?! Wow!! I love everything about it! Thank you!! XD


Love it!

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I wasn’t sure it would work without layering pieces, but I was afraid it would have too many layers. I’m pleased with how it turned out! I’m glad you like him too!

Thanks everyone!

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amazing! Lucky partner

Nice job!

Thanks for sharing your process… he’s great!

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This is really cool! The character is so 3-D that it pops out from the background. Neat!

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