Booty Cross Stitch

This is for the lady that does my piercings. I found this pattern for Perler beads on Pinterest and just stitched it instead. I added the heart tattoo for fun. I have a picture of it in a cute little 2x2 frame but I can only post one picture since I’m a “new” member. I hope she likes it, she has all kinds of “adult” themed stuff.

Thanks for looking!


Cute! Love perler bead patterns - so versatile.

Cutie patootie! :rofl:

What fun!

This is so totally cute. Also, teehee! These are the exact panties I have on TODAY! No :heart: tattoo though.


Nicely done!

I bet she’s gonna love it! Great, fun gift!

In these trying times, may this inspire us to join hands with our fellow man and sing “BOOTYBOOTYBOOTYBOOTY ROCKIN’ EVERYWHERE! ROCKIN’ EVERYWHERE!”

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What a fab gift to stitch! Nicely done :slight_smile:

So cute!