Boro Bird Mug Rug

Made this for @AIMR in the Mug Rug swap. She said she liked boro stitching, so I tried to do some (had never tried it before!)

The flowing white stitching on the front actually follows the curves of the print on the back.

Lucky for me, @AIMR said she was okay with wonky / experimental pieces. I don’t think I’ve ever sewn anything that was completely symmetrical!


This is stunning! More like an art piece for the wall than a thing to protect a table from a beverage!!!


Right? I thought the same thing! Not sure I want to use it as a mug rug!!

No way this is your first boro…it certainly hits all the marks…the circle is fantastic…a frame to show off the bird!


This is very cool. I really like the way the stitching accentuates the focal points.

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This is a true work of art. Everything about it is so great. The colors, the composition, the fabrics you picked, the stitching and the black binding to make the whole thing pop are just stunning. :slight_smile:


Way to elevate a “coaster”, this is amazeballs!


Love love love!

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This is exceptional my friend!

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