Botch to Fabulous: The Shoe Story

I have difficult feet. As in a sales person once let me try on 30 pairs and none fit me correctly. (I felt like a stepsister :laughing:)
So, when I have shoes that fit, they stay in rotation!
Until they end up like this:

This pair is, I think, one of the first pairs of heels I bought so … At least 10 years old.

So in 2017 I thought, let’s do something!
I had fabric scraps from a half finished dress and I really loved the pattern. So I googled and started. I snapped the belt buckle of, Aaaaaaaannndd, didn’t finish, because it came to the strap part and I didn’t know what to do. They half finished dress isn’t finish either. Do you see a pattern?

Now, sitting in our new house and lacking inspiration for something else, I decided now is the right time to finish. I started where I had left off (or of?) , with one shoe almost done and the other one like 5% done.
I also didn’t look for a tutorial because I GOT THIS.


Yesterday evening I stuck fabric to the strap, and held it in place with clothespins. Yes, tacky glue with cloth spins against leather.
This is the result.

Note to self, don’t do that again! I made the places wet and it came off. Ooph!

I didn’t add the belt buckle, because I didn’t know how… I shouldn’t have chopped it off. I tried them on and they fit with the regular velcro so will see.

Also, I love my heat gun! It made this soooo much easier! Not waiting around literally watching glue dry is the best!


(The inside looks icky because the normal sole needed to make place for my own sole)

Still need a coat of finisher!

I’m thinking of adding a bow… Or not. Idk. Perhaps the pattern is already to much.

(I couldn’t find a shoe tag? So misc?)


Oh goodness…they turned out really cute!

I am all about wearing comfy shoes…I tend to wear them out and still can’t throw them out even if I have found a new pair…can you buy inserts to make them more comfy inside? Then they will definitely feel like a brand new pair!

Good for you for persisting and getting them done!


Thank you!
I have my own soles! If I insert them, then they look like this:

So indeed more comfy!


You did a fab job with them and I’m a yes to the bow!

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Adorable! Can you make the bow removable?

I used to work in theatre; that style is known as “character shoes,” and every actress has a pair. But just plain black, not cute like your remodel.

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Wow! Definitely fabulous! I like them with and without the bow…tough call.

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These turned out so great!!

Maybe a white rose would look good, too- if the bow is removable you could swap them out or wear them as they are.

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Those are so great! You can make different attachments for the shoes. Use some old clip on earrings and they can be worn with any outfit.


That’s a great idea!
I was thinking of alligator clips, but those would be a bit too chunky. I’ll have a look at my stash!

Thanks everyone!
I didn’t know they were called character shoes! Now I feel more fancy :smiley:


Heck of an upgrade!

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So cute, I love the fabric. I’d say yes to a bow, but all black not the same fabric. It blends too much :blush:

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I remember selling shoe clips! and they do work like clip on earrings. Or maybe you could hot glue on a black snap that would blend in?

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Very cool revamping. I would never know they didn’t come like this.


:dizzy: Oooooh yeaaaaaah! Your wonderful project is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :revolving_hearts:


Aww, thank you!!

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Fabulous Job!!! You could make bows and other embellishments attached to clips and then clip them on or take them off as your heart desires…then no decision has to really be made!

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These shoes are so pretty! Yay for revamping something good and yay for persevering with it too! I hope you’re enjoying wearing them :grinning:

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