Bows for fashionable gentle-doggies!

Hi you crafty bunch!!

Sorry I’ve been absent for a while, it’s been one of ‘those’ years when it comes to my health issues, flare up after flare up in my spine!! I was just starting to recover from lumbar issues, thankfully just in time to go away for 5 days with my parents, over on the other side of the country, to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary :star_struck: :gift_heart:, and then within a week of getting home my sciatica flared up for the 3rd time this year and I was stuck in bed for yet another week until I could walk again, aaaaargh.

On the plus side I had just started making doggy bow ties (having had a friend request a couple of collars plus a bow tie before we went on hols), which I almost entirely sewed by hand anyways, so that gave me something to keep me busy sewing in bed when I was able!! And my gal sat by me most of the time, being the adorable Saluki Fox Nurse Lady Arwen :grin:

I don’t usually post stuff on here that I ‘make for a living’ (e.g. I don’t sell enough to have to pay tax, but it buys me fabric to make clothes with now and again :wink: ) but since it’s all I’ve been able to make this last month I figured I’d post 'em! Plus they’re super cute, and Mr Loops captured some cute piccies of Arwen wearing one this morning, and I knew you’d all appreciate that!

I used elastic on the back so that they can be easily slipped onto a collar and with minimal irritation to the doggy!

And here are a couple more cute piccies of Arwen doing some modelling!!

Aaaaaanyways, I’m still far from being recovered but at least I can sit at my desk and do a little sewing now, and yesterday I managed a little walkies with Mr Loops and Arwen out at Lydney Lake!

Hopefully see you all soon with my next faaashion make (which will hopefully be a hoodie, all being well…) :sunglasses:
Loops xx


Adorable!! Arwen and the bows!! Love those ears!! AH!

Sorry to hear about your health woes, but I am glad you are still finding space to create!


What a wonderful model you have! All the bow ties are great.


THese are so cute and look so well made! I’m glad you found a way to stay creatively occupied while laid up and to hear that you’re feeling at least a little better.

Arwen looks so pretty! And she looks relaxed which is so nice to imagine given how anxious she was when she first came home.


These are so cute, but not as cute as Arwen! I love how you fussy cut to have the skulls, mushroom, and focus items at he center of the bow. It’s little details like that that go a long way!

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I maaaay have accidentally got the middle mushroom upside down on one tho, oooopsy, don’t tell anyone!! I’ll probably unpick and redo it tbh as it’ll annoy the hell out of me otherwise :face_with_peeking_eye:

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I just started some more this evening in fact, I think I may be addicted now… Arwen may have a lot of modelling to do for me!!

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Oh absolutely, she does still have a way to go, but it’s so nice to think how far she’s come in less than 3 months, especially given she didn’t even want to come into the house to start off with, and now she’s comfortable letting me dress her up in bow ties :smiling_face: :heart_eyes:


Love heals and I think Arwen is a very well loved doggie! And photogenic!

The bows are so adorable! And I’m glad you have a creative boredom buster to occupy yourself while you continue to recover. Great to hear that you are on an upswing!

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That is me completely! I can’t let something go when I make it, but its fine if someone else does it. :crazy_face:

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Oh my gosh, it IS you!!! Lol!

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