Box of Crayons Birthday Card

I made this card-in-a-box pop up card with three rows of crayons for a 24th birthday, but I think the design works better with only two rows of crayons.

I cut every crayon tip, in duplicate (front and back), from paint chips and painstakingly glued them to the crayons. This is not something I recommend.
(Did I look up which colors were in a 24 box and match them? I might have been that obsessive. Indeed I might have. The fonts are definitely matched exactly.)

Here are directions for a simplified card.
The crayons are printed, and there are only two rows of crayons.

Cut files and print files are there for download, too.

Assembly is pretty easy.

Cut out the pieces.
Construct the box strut that holds the crayon pieces, and glue it in place.

crayon pieces

Glue the crayons to the strut.

crayon glue

crayon glue 2

crayon glue 3

Glue together the box.

crayon box fewer

Open it up!

crayon box fewer open


This is so cool! I love that you indeed looked up the real colours! I would have done the same!


Beautiful! Paint chips was an ingenious idea.


Super fun. I agree, using paint chips was genius!


I freaking love this! My Dad’s bday is coming up… this card gives me some ideas!!

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Oh, wow! This is so cheery and fun. I love that you picked a 24-pack for the 24th birthday.


Perfection! I love that you matched the exact colors, and carefully cut those paint chips, even if it took a long time.

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That is very cool!

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Using paintchips was brilliant. It looks incredible. I can’t believe you matched an entire box of crayons. You did get obsessed, but the results were worth it!

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Me too!

A 24-pack of crayons is a great idea and it does look perfectly matched.

My Aunty gave me (as well as something else) a 30-pack of zip-loc bags for my 30th. She said it was the only 30-pack she could find. :joy:


I love this so much! What a perfect card.