Boy/Girl Nursery Wall Hanging

So my wonderful wife and I recently moved to Idaho to start a new journey in our lives and really start establishing our family (we’ve been living between each others parents for most of our marriage).

As part of this, we wanted to make a painting for our kids to decorate their room!

Right now we have only daughters, but we figured “Why not make something that could work for both boys and girls over the years?”

So we found a nice big piece of wood and started to paint!

This was the girl’s side. The flower was designed and painted by my wife. And I did the poorly executed fine swirlies (looked a lot more crisp in my head)

And the boy side was designed by myself and entirely painted by my wife.

We decided after the first side, that she was the far superior painter so I did some pencil work and then she worked her magic with the brush!

Such a fun project to do with my spouse for our kids!


How sweet!

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A super cute idea!

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Fantastic paintings. the simple large visuals stand out and pack a punch. Kids will adore these!! Well done.

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Thank you so much!!